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    1. Create your first data Extractor
    2. Configure your first multi-page Extractor
    3. Configure your first layered Extractor to get data a click away
    4. What is
    5. What is an API?
  2. Announcements 

    1. Support/Developer Forums Moved
    2. We're parking Authenticated APIs for now
  3. Common Questions & Answers 

    1. How do I get data from page 2, 3, 4... and so on?
    2. What is a GUID?
    3. Bulk Extract not returning all my data
    4. Why did my API fail to publish?
    5. Why does my Connector not paginate?
  4. Troubleshooting 

    1. Couldn't create an API
    2. Redirected page
    3. Infinite scroll without Prerender
    4. How do I install
    5. What should I do if I get the error message "Cannot contact" when starting up the app?
  5. Advanced features 

    1. Chain API + Bulk Extract
  6. Technical Tutorials 

    1. Extractor to SQL Database
    2. Command-line Crawling
    3. Import your API straight into Drupal
  7. Create your first API 

    1. Download the App!
    2. What tool should I use?
    3. Create an Extractor
  8. Configure your API 

    1. Single URL
    2. Bulk Extract: get data from multiple pages
    3. Bulk Extract Tutorial
    4. Chain APIs: combine two APIs
    5. Chain APIs Tutorial
  9. Export your data 

    1. Export to Google Sheets
    2. Export to
    3. Simple API integration: using the REST API
    4. Export to an Data set
    5. How do I integrate with
  10. Advanced APIs 

    1. What is a Crawler?
    2. Create a Crawler - Extract data from an entire website
    3. What is a Connector?
    4. Create a Connector
  11. Training your API 

    1. Single vs multiple rows
    2. Rows - How to train rows
    3. Columns - How to train columns
    4. XPaths & Regex
    5. Extracting images through XPaths
  12. Intermediate Tutorials 

    1. Advanced Connector: URL Patterns
    2. Advanced features of the new workflow
    3. Bulk Extract Data with Google Sheets
    4. Advanced Connector: URL input
  13. FAQs 

    1. Which browsers and operating systems are supported by
    2. Can I paginate through results using an Extractor?
    3. Crawler FAQ
    4. Clearing the browser cache or cookies
    5. Maintenance and Downtime
  14. All articles 

    1. Are my Extractors and Connectors public or private?
    2. Unsubscribed from automated emails
    3. Couldn't create an API
    4. Extractor to SQL Database
    5. Extract data from an entire website step 1: Navigate to the web page

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