What is import·io?

Welcome to import.io! You're new here right? And you're wondering what we're all about? Well you've come to the right place, let us explain!

Our Mission

Import.io is a platform that allows anyone, regardless of technical ability, to get structured data from any website. 

On this platform we have built an app to help you get all the data you’ve been wanting, but that is locked away on webpages.

Our mission is to bring order to the web and make web data available to everyone. 

Awesome. So how does it work?

Import.io allows you to structure the data you find on webpages into rows and columns, using simple point and click technology.

First you locate your data: navigate to a website using our browser (download it from us here: http://import.io).

Then, enter our dedicated data extraction workflow by clicking the pink IO button in the top right of the Browser.

We will guide you through structuring the data on the page. You teach import.io how to extract the data by showing us examples of where the data is. We create learning algorithms that generalize from these examples to work out how to get all the data on the website. 

The data you collect is stored on our cloud servers to be downloaded and shared.  And every time you publish to our platform we create an API to get the data programatically so you can easily integrate live web data into your applications or third party analytics and visualization software.

That's great but what's the catch?

There isn't one! import·io is currently in public beta and free to sign-up and use. 

We want the power of data to be available to everyone, and whilst we will eventually charge for premium features, there will always be a free version of our platform. Simply download the app from our homepage and get started extracting data today! 

Getting Started

Our tutorials page will walk you through all the different ways you can get data using our system. You can check them out over here on our Knowledge Base.

First though you should read our guide on the awesome data extraction tools you can build with import.io. 

So tell me, what are these Extractors, Connectors, Crawlers and Mixes of which you speak?

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